Would you like to launch a global online marketplace project and stand out of the crowd while coming onto the extremely competitive market? Browse through our video lessons to become more aware of all powerful features that CS-Cart Multi-Vendor offers.

Lesson 1. Why Multi-Vendor is the Platform You've Been Looking for?

Multi-Vendor is a perfect marketplace software solution for building an online shopping mall. In this video, we speak about general features of the Multi-Vendor system and things Multi-Vendor software does best.

Lesson 2. How to Overcome the Chicken and Egg Problem with Multi-Vendor?

Every online marketplace has 3 pillars: the owner, the vendors, and the customers. So that you prosper in your business, you need to attract more vendors and give them convenient tools to attract customers. Watch this video to learn how to do it.

Lesson 3. How to Cooperate with Vendors?

The CS-Cart Multi-Vendor ecommerce platform offers you 3 tools to build a good cooperation and relationships with your online vendors: proper payments management, access privileges, and feedback and statistics. Watch how to use these tools right.

Lesson 4. How to Manage a Marketplace with Multi-Vendor?

With a large online shopping mall comes great responsibility. Managing such an online marketplace is like piloting a plane—tons of knobs and switches. In this video, we’re telling you about these switches and knobs.

Lesson 5. How to Manage Mini-Stores?

Everyone needs a private space in his or her life. In eCommerce as well, sellers need their private online stores to present their companies and products the way they want. In the Multi-Vendor ecommerce software, every vendor can have his or her own mini-store. Learn more about this feature in the video.

Lesson 6. How Does Multi-Vendor Work?

In this video tutorial, we show the full workflow of a Multi-Vendor marketplace solution: from ordering a product to distributing payments between the online marketplace owner and the vendors.

Lesson 7. How to Raise Sales with Multi-Vendor?

As long as your business brings you more and more money—it lives. That’s why you always have to find the ways to increase your sales. The Multi-Vendor software has a bunch of effective ecommerce tools to boost your sales. Find out about them in this video.

Lesson 8. Success Stories.

In this Multi-Vendor video, we’re showing you several online shopping malls built with our Multi-Vendor ecommerce script. Look at them and understand what you should do to become a successful marketplace owner or online seller.

Lesson 9. How to Become a Vendor?

Vendors are the driving force of your online marketplace. After your approval, anyone can become a vendor. But how people actually apply for a marketplace vendor? You’ll find the answer to this question here.

Lesson 10. Multi-Vendor Features.

In this video tutorial, we’re telling you about specific Multi-Vendor platform features: vendor data pre-moderation, vendor plans, and vendor terms and conditions.